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TV Mail Box

Q: Will they be bringing "Harry's Law" back at a later date, or is it finished for good? They haven't had it on the air long enough to get a following. -- Anna White, Youngstown, Ohio

A: Actually, they have and that's good news. NBC was very impressed with the ratings for the Kathy Bates-starring, David E. Kelley-produced law drama, so it kept the show on the air longer than intended for its initial run. It's virtually assured of being renewed for another season in May.

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Q: Can you tell me if the program "Boston Med" will be back on the air? I have been in one of those hospitals, and I found it a very interesting show. -- Tena Smith, Durham, Maine

A: The successor to ABC's similarly themed hospital reality series "Hopkins," "Boston Med" won't have a return engagement this year. However, next up in the ABC News-produced franchise will be a seven-part program by the same producer that profiles employees and patients at New York-Presbyterian Hospital. The show is expected to debut in the spring or summer of 2012.

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Q: What happened to "The Cape"? Will it return anytime soon? -- Joan Wayman, Chesapeake, Va.

A: In a word, no. For starters, NBC reduced the episode order for the adventure series that starred David Lyons as a crime fighter. As the show went along, NBC cut the run from 13 episodes to 10 and the final show didn't even make it on the air. It was posted on for any loyalists who wanted to see how the saga turned out. All of that points to "The Cape" not returning, at least not on NBC.