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Power Rankings / Mike Harrington ranks the MLB teams from top to bottom

(Through Thursday night's games, last week in parentheses)

1 Colorado Rockies. Tulo is NL's runaway MVP for April. (2)

2 Philadelphia Phillies. Without Lidge, late innings can be an issue. (3)

3 Cleveland Indians. Toughie for pen to blow Thursday in K.C. (4)

4 Los Angeles Angels. Sent Rangers early message with two wins. (9)

5 Texas Rangers. Dropped five of first seven without Hamilton. (1)

6 New York Yankees. Hearing plenty of raves about Martin behind the plate. (7)

7 Florida Marlins. Johnson heading early Cy race. (8)

8 Cincinnati Reds. Leake's thoughts while shoplifting? Were there any? (5)

9 Kansas City Royals Don't believe in them as much as Tribe. Yet. (6)

10 San Francisco Giants. Posey's sister hits for HR cycle in NCAA Division II softball twinbill. (10)

11 St. Louis Cardinals. Franklin rips fans for their booing. (15).

12 Toronto Blue Jays. Cecil (1-2, 6.86) sent back to Las Vegas. (11)

13 Milwaukee Brewers. Does Braun's big deal mean Prince will exit? (12)

14 Detroit Tigers. Zumaya still several weeks away. (16)

15 Chicago Cubs. Glimmers of hope: Flirting with lead in mediocre NL Central (19)

16 Oakland Athletics. Rotation has been as good as advertised. (20)

17 Los Angeles Dodgers. Selig had no choice as Divorce Court makes mess of a great franchise. (21)

18 Washington Nationals. First four-game win streak in April since 2005. (22)

19 Tampa Bay Rays. Historically quick recovery from 0-6 start to .500. (30)

20 Atlanta Braves. Heyward still below Mendoza Line. (23)|

21 Arizona Diamondbacks. Lots of power even without Reynolds. (24)

22 Chicago White Sox. Murmurs starting about Ozzie's job security. (13)

23 Baltimore Orioles. About that great start (14)

24 Pittsburgh Pirates. Expected more at the plate from Overbay. (17)

25 San Diego Padres. Minus A-Gon, 2011 starting as 2010 finished. (18)

26 Minnesota Twins. Enduring 17 out of 23 on the road. (25)

27 Seattle Mariners. Still haven't done much to fix offense. (27)

28 Houston Astros. Clutch homer for Pence sinks Mets. (28)

29 Boston Red Sox. Started 0-7 on road for first time ever. (29)

30 New York Mets. In wake of Dodgers' mess, is MLB coup of Wilpons next? (26)