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Excerpts from reader commentary on News stories and staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but comments to the blogs can be posted under pen names.

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Buffalo Sabres: In a response to News sports reporter Bob DiCesare's April 19 article on how the National Hockey League playoffs produce unexpected heroes, Norm Wagonblott of North Tonawanda opined:

[Sabres Coach Lindy] Ruff needs to stop changing things and go back to what got them in the playoffs. They can't let the Flyers change their game. They played solid games to get there. The Sabres will never win a Stanley Cup with Ruff or [goaltender Ryan] Miller because neither has what it takes to finish. Miller loses every critical game to move ahead. I just don't see it! Any coach that leaves a goaltender in a game with five goals against isn't a smart coach, and a coach that indicates he doesn't blame the players when they take 10 penalties has little control over and doesn't know what it takes to win. They will never win the big one unless he changes his attitude.

Steve Santos of Castro Valley, Calif., took on a positive outlook Wednesday, writing:

As Miller says -- tonight we have to be better! The forwards need to come back and help our young D-men. They also need to clear [Danny] Briere, [Kris] Versteeg, [Mike] Richards et al from in front of the net, so Miller has a clearer vision of the puck. While I really like [Patrick] Kaleta, don't play him if all he's gonna do is work on his Carubba Collision award and take senseless penalties.

While Kaleta needs to "tone it down" -- others need to get more involved -- [Brad] Boyes, [Tyler] Ennis, [Jason] Pominville and [Tim] Connolly. They need to remember "good things happen when you shoot on net." Quit making all the cute passes and shoot and have someone flip in the garbage. We're not out of this series by any means and winning tonight will essentially clean the slate and make it a three-game series. Lastly, Miller needs to take his own advice and "be better." He needs to keep us in the game from the beginning and even steal us one.

* * *

Bruce Andriatch: In response to his April 19 column on how this area can change its downward population decline, J. Christopher Hagler of Amherst suggested:

If we want people to return to Western New York then get rid of tax-and-spend liberal politicians promising heaven for the poor and hell for the taxpayer! Reduce Medicaid benefits immediately and all the accompanying waste and fraud in government programs and entities so that our property taxes go down significantly!

Sane fiscal people and businesses with options vote with their feet and leave because the area is pathetically run by Dummycrats and the grass is truly greener down south.

* * *

Denise Jewell Gee: Her humorous column on filing before the April 18 tax deadline brought this from William Mack of Allen, Texas:

Everyone agrees the tax code is too complicated. Sadly, nobody wants to give up their favorite tax break, such as mortgage interest deduction; Earned Income Credit; Making Work Pay tax credit; moving expense deduction, etc. A flat tax without deductions would be fair, but it would require that people who don't currently pay federal income tax pay something. It would also require that those who receive a refund without having had anything withheld no longer receive this grant. The political will does not yet exist for these changes. Still, a great column. Thank you for my morning smile.

* * *

Cookie Gilchrist: News sports reporter Mark Gaughan's April 16 piece on the memorial for former Buffalo Bills great Gilchrist brought this recollection from John Tumiel of North Waterboro, Maine:

My childhood bedroom wall was plastered with cut out Buffalo Evening News and Courier Express pics of Cookie rammin' it up the middle. He was a great player and helped bring great glory to Buffalo and Bills fans. RIP big man. All the cheering is for you today in my home far from the Rock Pile. Many will continue to always remember you.

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