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Duplicate Bridge

Winning teams can earn money to attend the North American Bridge Championships in Toronto in July at the District 5 Grand National Teams Finals next Saturday and May 1 in the Carousel Room at the Hamburg Fairgrounds. Games are 1 and 7 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. May 1. For info, call John Toy at 885-5365.

Airport Bridge Club, Bridge Center of Buffalo and Bridge Club Meridian have double point games all week.

On Dyngus Day Monday, the Airport Bridge Club offers two separate double point sessions at 10 a.m. and 1 p.m. with a chicken barbecue between sessions. 2

>Duplicate Scores

Week of April 11 to 17

ACBL Sanctioned Clubs

Airport Bridge Club Monday -- North-south, A: Paul Ganley and Mike Kisiel, 63.22%; B: John Fiegl and Joanne Lafay, 60.24%; C: June Feuerstein and Barbara Sadkin, 53.73%; east-west, A/B/C: Larry and Dorothy Soong, 63.22%. Tuesday -- North-south, A/B: Linda Vassallo and Wilson McClaren, 62.26%; C: Marie Zayan and Fran Witnauer, 48.10%; east-west, A: Luke Danielson and Chuck Schorr, 61.78%; B: Dorothy May and Helen Panza, 50.19%; C: Jan Hasselback and Linda Wynes, 49.35%. Wednesday -- North-south, A: Beverly Cohen and Judi Marshall, 63.57%; B: Ginny Panaro and Carl Stone, 56.38%; C: Jean Sullivan and Linda Wynes, 50.77%; east-west, A/B/C: Paul Zittel and Bill Boardman, 59.10%. Thursday -- North-south, A: Liz Clark and Bev Cohen, 65.77%; B: Luke Danielson and John Kirsits, 59.23%; C: Fenton Harrison and Wilson McClaren, 53.28%; east-west, A: Jim Mathis and Barbara Libby, 57.14%; B: Helen Panza and Mike Silverman, 56.08%; C: (tie) Sharon Chang and Linda Milch, Ruth Wurster and Marilyn Sultz, 43.65%. Friday -- North-south, A: Judi Marshall and Bev Cohen, 57.14; B/C: Chester Fell and Marilyn Sultz, 55.36%; east-west, A: Paul Libby and Mike Kisiel, 62.20%; B: John Ziemer and Mike Silverman, 53.87%; C: Joyce Greenspan and Art Matthies, 52.08%. Saturday -- North-south, A: Ann Watkins and Rita Sierocinski, 62.5%; B: Ruth Jones and Luke Danielson, 51.13%; C: Sushil Amlani and Lorna Brewer, 50%; east-west, A: Dorothy May and John Ziemer, 58.04%; B: Helen Panza and Mike Silverman, 56.25%; C: Carl and Jan Hasselback, 52.98%. Sunday -- A: (tie) Richard Cramer-Benjamin and Jeff Bender, Jim Madan and partner, 68.64%; B: Ruth Hnath and Ann Smith, 52.27%; C: Miri Salamone-Burnett and Thom Burnett, 50.91%.

Bridge Center of Buffalo Tuesday -- Non-life masters. North-south, A/B: Barbara Sadkin and June Feuerstein, 58.37%; Denise Mattingly and Joe Miranda, 58.32%; C: Peggy Mergenhagen and Adrienne Sakavicius, 48.38%; east-west, A/B/C: Michael and Vincent Taeger, 59.30%; Sharon Chang and Linda Milch; 59.09%. Wednesday morning -- North-south, A: Stanley Kozlowski and Claire Gareleck, 57.19%; B/C: Alberta Brown and Jeanne Gladysz, 53.13%; east-west, A/B/C: Marietta Kalman and Gary Schmitt, 56.79%; Donna Steffan and Jay Levy, 55.40%. Wednesday evening -- A: Robert Olin and Jeffrey Bender, 69.05%; B: (tie) Claire Gareleck and Robert Feasley, Bert Feasley and Chongmin Zhang, 51.19%. Thursday noon -- Non-life masters. North-south, A: Arthur Kean and Usha Khurana, 63.74%; James McClure and Joyce Greenspan, 60.25%; B/C: Adrienne Sakavicius and Peggy Mergenhagen, 58.88%; east-west, A/B/C: Judith Babat and Rivona Ehrenreich, 58.50%; Lou Di Lorenzo and William Rich, 53.57%. Thursday evening -- North-south, A: Jay Costello and Thomas Donnelly, 65.67%; B: Jeanne Gladysz and Patricia Burns, 56%; C: Peter Patterson and Franklin Kidd, 48.96%; east-west, A: Bev Cohen and Judi Marshall, 58.78%; B/C: Gaurang Sheth and Gary Schmitt, 58.63%. Friday -- North-south, A: Jay Costello and Bud Seidenberg, 61.11%; B/C: Alberta Brown and Anne Watkins, 52.31%; east-west, A: Elizabeth Clark and Joan Rose, 63.89%; B: Gary Schmitt and Kathy Pollock, 59.03%; C: Robert Olin and Betty Metz, 42.59%. Saturday -- Victory Point Game. Sue Neubecker and Jeanne Gladysz, 78 vp; (tie) Robert Olin and Janet Frisch, Franklin Kidd and Robert Feasley, 42 vp.

Bridge Club of East Aurora Wednesday -- North-south, John Fiegl and Jane Larcom 68.75%; Rob Hessel and Marcia Hoffman, 59.82%; east-west, Jack Kern and Lance Crawford, 56.25%; Rhoda Eagle and Marcia Grundtisch, 53.57%.

Bridge Club Meridian Monday -- North-south, A/B: Pat Rasmus and Dorothy Boyd, 63.88%; C: Joan Lewis and Bernie Czarnecki, 49.46%; east-west, A: Bud Seidenberg and Fred Yellen, 57.76%; B/C: Jane and Tom Gibbons, 55.43%. Tuesday -- Home style pairs. Jim Gullo and Grace Lee, 3 wins.

Buffalo Whist Monday -- Howell. A: Bert Hargesheimer and Alex Kowal, 59%; B: Harry Cheung and Liz Clark, 57%.

Delaware Wednesday -- North-south, Joyce Kindt and Jan O'Mara, 56.25%; east-west, Jane and Tom Gibbons, 62.5%.


Other clubs

ABA Humboldt Club -- David Mathis and Todd Harris, 62%. Amherst Sr. Center Monday -- North-south, Sam Grossman and Shirley Cassety, 60%; east-west, George Mayers and Peg Gorham, 65%. Thursday -- Chuck Heimerl and Marian Morber, 64%; Don Collins and Harry Rogers, 62%. Canterbury Woods -- North-south, Lil Ungerleider and Dee Schaeffer, 61.1%; east-west, Irwin Brock and Betty Kittinger, 65.9%. Clarence Sr. Center -- Pawan Matta and Bill Rogers, 64%; Ann Goodyear and Norm Kirchner, 63%. College Club -- Clare Schultz and Nancy Thomas, 77.08%; Cleo Alexander and Dorothy Medler, 59.72%. Friday Dupliclub -- North-south, Frank and Sue Riccio, 70%; east-west, Jane and Tom Gibbons, 66%. Tonawanda Sr. Center -- North-south, Lou Lombardi and Frank Belz, 64%; east-west, Lee Gordon and Willard Sanscrainte, 61%.

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