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Lady ... Madonna?

"I have recently been examining all the known superstitions of the world, and do not find in our particular superstition (Christianity) one redeeming feature. They are all alike, founded upon fables and mythologies," said one of our great Founding Fathers, Thomas Jefferson.

Jefferson believed in the separation of church and state. He was less adamant on the separation of slave and master. (Oh, you know, Sally Hemings, the beautiful slave he bedded and with whom he sired several children. Well, nobody's perfect.)


Speaking of religion, Madonna is at it again, releasing a "sacrilegious" song and video, challenging Catholic doctrine. Oh, no wait I mean Lady Gaga and her new single "Judas" is the event raising a ruckus.

The Catholic League (essentially one guy, Bill Donohue) condemns the Lady and her music and winds up with: "Maybe if she had more talent we'd be more offended." I feel pretty sure this is a leftover from criticism of Madonna's "Like a Prayer."

Gaga, honey! You do realize that as talented as you are, the Big M did all this way back in 1989 -- along with speaking out for sexual freedom, supporting the gays, etc? I guess everything old is always new again to a new generation. But come on Gaga -- you are a smart cookie. Get a fresh idea.


Speaking of Madonna, the former provocateur has been so deeply involved in putting the final touches to her film "W.E." that she has hardly seen the light of day. She spends hour after hour in the editing room, mixing the music, getting it "just right." This is typical Madonna. Even on her concert tours, she is always looking for ways to improve the show, and herself -- right up to the last performance.


A few years back I was mighty impressed by Peter Dinklage in the movie "The Station Agent." I wasn't the only one. He received Screen Actors Guild and Independent Spirit award nominations, and although he has worked steadily since, I kind of lost track of Mr. Dinklage. Imagine my pleasure then when he popped up in HBO's fantastical new series, "Game of Thrones." He plays Tyrion Lannister and he is so handsome, witty, debauched and charming. Sort of a Medieval Addison DeWitt from "All About Eve." As good as the series looks to be, after only one episode in -- so many characters, it can be confusing! -- Dinklage is by far the standout player.

Mr. Dinklage stands only 4-foot, 5-inches tall but he is a towering talent. I hope Hollywood uses him more. And properly.

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