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Trivia Quiz

1. What is the "Gopher State"?

2. What is the dollar value of a stock that traded 32 7/8 ? Stocks are now traded in dollars and cents.

3. Who established the Roman Empire, which followed the Roman Republic about 2,000 years ago?

4. Hawaii had what name when it was a kingdom?

5. What kind of ship is a "flat top"?

6. "Hirsutism" refers to excessive growth of what in the body?

7. Is it true or false that a young kangaroo will stay in its mother's pouch for the first eight or nine months of its life?

8. In Canada, Alberta, New Brunswick and Saskatchewan are . . .

9. Is the United States a net importer or exporter of rice?

10. What does the word "mush" mean to sled dogs?



1. Minnesota, also the "North Star State."

2. $32.87 per share.

3. Augustus.

4. Sandwich Islands.

5. Aircraft carrier.

6. Hair.

7. True.

8. Provinces.

9. Exporter. In 2009, the U.S. exported almost $2.2 billion worth of rice, four times the value of rice imports.

10. Start or go faster.

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