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Time in a bottle

Nostalgia is riding high. The Polish East Side comes alive Monday for Dyngus Day. The dear, departed Blue Whale car wash in Tonawanda has a Facebook page. Memories of the old Buffalo airport, too, live on. Rhino Records has reissued Richard and Linda Thompson's classic 1982 album "Shoot Out the Lights." And the liner notes give credit to our old airport for inspiring the Thompsons on tour. We quote: "Linda kicked Richard in the shins during a guitar solo in Providence and threw a bottle at him in the Buffalo airport, but sang with an intensity I'd never heard before." Ha, ha! That would be more likely to happen in the old days. Now, security would take that bottle away.


Sunday stroll

With the bad weather, how about a twist on mall walking? We're talking UB walking. A stroll around the North Campus on a rainy Sunday yielded all kinds of curiosities. We noticed a three-credit class on the music of Frank Zappa, and his life, and his politics. And a display on the first floor of Capen Hall chronicling the UB development program of 1957, buildings built and not built. Included is a pamphlet on the dedication of the Frank Burkett Baird Music Building. Fascinating for music nerds! Aimless, we ambled into an empty classroom. Someone had gotten there first, because on the chalkboard was scrawled, "For a good time..." and a phone number. That old joke! Then, in parentheses: "For a spicy time." Oh, so the number must be for Duff's. We could use a few wings, now that we've worked them off.


Big gulp

That new wine show on WBEN-AM, Buzz does not listen to it. We cannot listen to a show about wine without needing to drink wine. Don't know why! We can listen to Cigar Dave without needing to smoke a cigar. Still, there is a bright side to the station's relentless hyping of that wine show. On a bleak weekday morning, you're worrying about your workload, trying to get your umbrella and keys and stuff together and get out the door -- and there's a soothing voice on the radio, wheedling, "Pour yourself a glass of wine." Ahhh! That's better.


the buzz

A volunteer firefighter friend with a police scanner hipped us to this gem. Amherst police dispatcher: "Check the Main Street overpass over the 290, center lane, for a large microwave in the road." Officer, a few minutes later: "OK, it was a toaster oven. Now in the median. I'll be clear." ... Buzz and a dozen other people watched the Sabres' first playoff win in the most dramatic way possible -- in the lounge of E.B. Green's, with the TV on mute and the game playing out to the frantic beat of Dave Brubeck's "Take Five." ... Buffalo conversation, touched off by the royal wedding: "Prince Charles talks to his plants." "I talk to my plants, too. Except I'm usually apologizing."



"Every new piece starts with an e-mail."

-- Composer Miguel del Aguila, speaking Saturday at Kleinhans Music Hall

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