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>Report puts death toll from protests at 846

CAIRO (AP) -- At least 846 Egyptians died in the nearly three-week-long popular uprising that toppled long-serving President Hosni Mubarak, electrifying the region, a government fact-finding mission announced Tuesday.

In their report, the panel of judges described police forces shooting protesters in the head and chest with live ammunition and presented a death toll more than twice that of previous official estimates.

"The fatal shots were due to firing bullets at the head and the chest," the report read, adding that "a huge number of eye injures" filled hospitals and that hundreds lost their sight.

Earlier official estimates by a Mubarak associate had put the toll from the days of demonstrations, in which protesters battled heavily armed legions of riot police, at 365, but local groups had put the figure much higher.

The mission held Mubarak ultimately responsible for the killing of the protesters.

Mubarak and his sons were placed in custody April 13 for 15 days while they are investigated over allegations of corruption and their role in the shooting of protesters.


>Victim seen on webcam struggling before death

TORONTO (AP) -- Canadian police are investigating the death of a student from Beijing who was last seen on a webcam by a friend in China who witnessed her struggling with a man before the camera was abruptly shut off.

Police said the body of York University student Qian Liu, 23, was found naked from the waist down in her Toronto apartment. But there were no obvious signs of sexual assault.

Liu was chatting with the friend by webcam at about 1 a.m. Friday when an unknown man knocked on the door.

The friend reported seeing a struggle break out between the two before the man turned off Liu's webcam. Police were notified after the friend contacted some mutual friends in Toronto.

Police Sgt. Frank Skubic said Tuesday an autopsy failed to show the cause of death. Toxicology tests are still being done.

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