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The entitlement crisis; The flaws in Obama's health plan will add to the nation's debt burden

President Obama's preparation for the presidency was a career in helping the poor through funds provided by the government. He had no experience in economics. His cause was more government-funded services, and the people he surrounded himself with were of the same stripe.

So now that we are faced with an economic crisis of debt that could severely wound the country, he is ill-equipped to face the problem. It is only under duress that he has been forced to address it.

The crisis we have is partially caused by unlimited spending by the legislative and executive branches. But the real culprits that have to be addressed are the three big entitlements: Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. Between them they represent the majority of the nation's non-military expenditures.

Elected officials are afraid to correct the situation because they believe they will suffer defeat at election time.

If this isn't bad enough, we have Obamacare in the wings. It is highly unpopular because it is poor legislation and does nothing to address the main problem -- skyrocketing health care costs paid by American families.

Raising the age on future recipients of Social Security to 69 is certainly a benign move. People are living longer, in better health and working longer. They don't need early retirement and the country can't afford it.

Medicare and Medicaid need to be reworked. In New York State, Medicaid is a Cadillac plan for a state deeply in debt.

The first thing Obamacare needs to correct is the name of the bill. We suggest changing it from the Affordable Care Act to the Bankrupt the Country and its People Act. That would be more accurate.

And the people of the nation get it. The most recent Associated Press poll shows 45 percent of Americans oppose the health bill while only 35 percent support it -- the lowest level since the bill passed, and sliding down with each new poll.

The law as it stands is so poorly written that thousands of individuals and companies have been exempted from portions of it.

Obamacare has to be reworked so the benefit is to the hard-working people of America, whose medical costs are skyrocketing, and the expense is minimal to the taxpayers.

The bottom line is the nation can't become fiscally sound until these entitlement expenditures are reduced to a level the government can sustain.

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