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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County Clerk's Office for the week ending March 11.


8975 Ridge Road, Patricia Demartino to Brereton Acres, $95,000.

Seaman Road, Robert W. Call; Judith A. Call to Kevin Lovell; David Henning, $10,000.



Highest price: $200,000

Average price: $79,556

Median price: $75,000

Number of Sales:9

263 East Ave., Gaul Funeral Home; Keystone America Inc. to Hamilton & Clark Funeral Home; Ross Funeral Directors Inc., $200,000.

Harding Ave., Larry J. Taylor; Marcia A. Taylor to Nicole Fragale; Mark A. Fragale, $108,500.

Lincoln Ave., George R. Parsons; Stella S. Parsons to Michael H. White Jr., $98,000.

East Ave. & Howard Ave., Robert A. Pauly; Dylan A. Pauly to Mary F. Conheady; John M. Conheady, $95,000.

Howard Ave., Charles J. Quagliana; Barbara C. Tyson to Bridget A. Kern, $75,000.

114 Erie St., Jennifer M. Sones; Steven E. Sones to Hillary A. Georgia; Benjamin J. Georgia, $70,000.

Corinthia St., Daniel J. Denardo to Robert E. Wassileff, $48,000.

Adams St. & Olcott St., James E. Sleight and Dorothy R. Sleight Trust; James E. Sleight; Dorothy R. Sleight to Allen F. Penwright, $11,500.

247 Hawley St., Deutsche Bank to Stonecrest Income and Opportunity Fund I, $10,000.



Unit 9/Lockhaven Estates Condo, Barbara Ennis Credit Shelter Trust; Susan E. Ennis to Linda J. Taylor, $248,500.



216 Beckwith Ave., Carl Vancuren; Shirley Vancuren to HSBC Mortgage Services Inc., $66,740.



Highest price: $66,740

Average price: $31,384

Median price: $29,400

Number of Sales:11

216 Beckwith Ave., Carl Vancuren; Shirley Vancuren to HSBC Mortgage Services Inc., $66,740.

McKoon Ave., June A. Knight to Jeffrey J. Lefevre; Dawn M. Lefevre, $50,000.

Monroe Ave., Robert S. Scipione to James H. Martino, $45,000.

Linwood Ave., Michael Greenawalt; Albert A. Burruano to Holly A. Sootheran, $41,234.

558 77th St., HUD to Thomas M. Consigli, $30,000.

1154 Lasalle Ave., Wealth Builders Group to David Dong Quach; Trinh Che, $29,400.

Hyde Park Blvd., Teddy L. Ackley to Emilio Passucci, $27,500.

124 Willow Ave., Mary E. Malaney; Thomas A. Malaney to Scott A. Culbert, $19,000.

24th St., Yehuda Sadeh to Robert Michael Zandrowicz, $17,000.

1627 Linwood Ave., HUD to E Carroll Schultz, $11,850.

35th St., WFC Entertainment Inc. to Michael Winters, $7,500.



Elmwood Ave. & Sweeney St., Alan R. Martin; Jocelyn A. Martin to Kenneth A. Davis, $152,000.

Nash Road, Melissa Fuerch; Melissa Forsey; Craig Forsey to Robert F. Petersen, $89,500.

14th Ave., Brian W. Rouse; Darlene P. Rouse to Dale Mckendrick; Alice Mckendrick, $58,000.



Youngstown-Lockport Road, Clifford L. and Mary J. Collins Family Trust; Frances W. Carl to Bruce G. Muck; Bonita M. Muck, $80,000.



Mill Road, Katie Jo Fisk; Katie Jo Fisher; Peter D. Fisk; Katie J. Fisk to Jonathan P. Kinmartin; Sarah G. Bush, $155,000.

Slayton Settlement Road, Melissa J. Streckewald; Melissa J. Brigham to Wade T. Babcock; Joelle C. Mullen, $92,220.

Dale Road, Tina M. Kasperek to Amelia Wittcop; Alexander B. Alt, $20,000.



Nash Road, Josephine Ann Meyers; Roy H. Meyers to Scott D. Loliger; Donna M. Loliger, $215,500.

Skylark Lane, Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc. to Sharadchandra G. Desai, $181,520.

Arnold Drive, Terry J. Rang to Sandra A. Carmody, $124,000.

Schultz Road, Janet O. Lanphier; David R. Draper; Jessie C. Treichler to Alan R. Martin; Jocelyn A. Martin, $112,000.

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