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'Sucker Punch' is an action-packed good time

"Sucker Punch" is the new film from director Zack Snyder with his action adventure/fantasy. It tells the story of Babydoll (Emily Browning). Her mother dies and her stepfather attacks her and her sister, and in the process Babydoll accidentally kills her sister. Her stepfather then takes Babydoll to Lennox's Asylum.

At the asylum, she works and also dances at a burlesque theater that the owner of the Asylum, Blue (Oscar Isaac), created to make extra money. Baby is scheduled to have a lobotomy and wants to escape before the Highroller (Jon Hamm) shows up to perform the surgery.

Babydoll dances to distract people while others in her gang steal needed items. The only way for Babydoll to dance is by transporting her imagination into a high-paced action scene with fighting dragons, robots and samurai and listening to the music of her dreams.

The computer animation is spectacular. The dream world she goes into is always intense and some of the best cinematography and style is used. The mission she is on in her dream world is the same as reality -- to get a necessary map.

As awesome as the action is, it is unnecessary. These action sequences could have been avoidable and the girls could have completed their tasks in the real world without the crazy battle sequences. But for that little problem, the rest of the movie is solid. The story isn't bad, but if it were polished a bit more to explain everything, it would be better.

Isaac plays an amazing villain -- a sick and twisted monster.

If you have seen a Zack Snyder movie, you know this movie will contain slow motion and action. But that is what Snyder does best. It wasn't perfect, but it was cool and I had a great time with this one and I'm sure he did, too.

This is not a recommended movie for all children. It is a dark and gritty movie that younger kids should not see. It is more aimed toward teenagers or young adults. If you do get the chance, check it out.

Ryan Koller is a junior at Depew High School.


"Sucker Punch"


3 1/2 stars (out of 4)

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