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Trivia Quiz

1. What is the largest city in Idaho?

2. What is the most common mineral in the world?

3. Exclusive of expense money, what is the annual salary of the president of the United States?

4. The line that makes a circle is the

5. First-class postage up to an ounce is 44 cents. How much is it up to two ounces?

6. In horse racing, what kind of bet is made on the Exacta or Perfecta?

7. The Gadsden Purchase was acquisition of land from what other country?

8 What do most species of the lungfish do during the dry season?

9. An inert gas is the only chemical element to begin with the letter "X." Name the gas.

10. What country is bounded by France, Germany, Austria, Italy and Liechtenstein?



1. Boise. Its population in 2009 was about 206,000.

2. Quartz.

3. $400,000.

4. Circumference.

5. Sixty-one cents. Additional ounces are 17 cents each.

6. A bet that picks the first and second horses in proper order.

7. Mexico, in 1853. The acquisition of 29,640 square miles was negotiated by diplomat James Gadsden. The land became part of New Mexico and Arizona.

8. They curl up in a mud cocoon and breathe air.

9. Xenon.

10. Switzerland.

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