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Recapturing fame...

Kirk Douglas says his appearance at the Academy Awards last month brought him so much attention that he "felt like a bobby-soxer."

"I made 90 pictures, and now everybody in the restaurants and on the street are like, "Oh Kirk!" Douglas said with a laugh. "I think I got paid more attention for those three minutes on the Oscars than anything I have ever done."

That moment may have earned him accolades, but the 94-year-old actor says his greatest career achievement was more than 50 years ago, when, as producer and star of "Spartacus," he helped end the McCarthy era in Hollywood by crediting blacklisted screenwriter Dalton Trumbo.

"Everybody advised me not to do it because you won't be able to work in this town again and all of that. But I was young enough to say to hell with it," Douglas recalled during a recent interview. "I think if I was much older, I would have been too conservative: Why should I stick my neck out? But I put his name on it, and that broke the blacklist."

Douglas will discuss "Spartacus" and other aspects of his life and career before presenting a screening of the 1960 Stanley Kubrick epic in Grauman's Chinese Theater in Hollywood on April 29 as part of the TCM Classic Film Festival.


Longoria speaks out...

Eva Longoria says she wants to be the voice of thousands of silent children working in deplorable conditions around the world.

The "Desperate Housewives" star is the executive producer for "Harvest," a documentary that follows three migrant boys as they work 14-hour days in U.S. fields along the border with Mexico.

Longoria says she wants "to be the voice of these children no one listens to."

The 36-year-old actress attended the documentary's premiere at Mexico's Guadalajara International Film Festival on Saturday.

She says she has been an activist since long before being famous.

She says, "I've been helping people since I was little."


Kennedy to wed...

Patrick Kennedy, 43, Rhode Island congressman and son of the late Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, is engaged to be married to a New Jersey middle school teacher.

Kennedy, a lifelong bachelor, got engaged Saturday in Rhode Island to Amy Petitgout, former aide Sean Richardson said Monday. No wedding date has been set.

Richardson said they met about a year and a half ago at an event in New Jersey.

Kennedy told the Associated Press last month that he was living in New Jersey with his girlfriend. In a written statement, he recalled the title of his father's book "True Compass" in speaking about his relationship with Petitgout.

"My father spoke about his true compass, guiding him through his journey of life. I have found mine with Amy,' Kennedy said then. "She has helped me navigate the uncharted waters of life beyond politics and given me the reason to look forward to a personal life with family and friends."

Petitgout has a 3-year-old daughter, Harper, from a previous marriage.

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