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Dyster announces plans to repave numerous streets in the Falls

In addition to rebuilding part of Buffalo Avenue, one of the most deteriorated routes in Western New York, at least 28 other streets in Niagara Falls are to be repaved this year, Mayor Paul A. Dyster announced Monday.

Standing outdoors at 32nd Street and Porter Road, Dyster said crews from the city's Public Works Department would do the repaving, while a contractor would be hired for the more extensive rebuilding of Buffalo Avenue.

"We're picking up literally where we left off when the weather turned last fall," the mayor said, "and we hope to have another record-setting season of paving in Niagara Falls."

The mayor's main focus Monday was on the 28 streets, all or part of which will be resurfaced "in-house" during the 2011 construction season, but he also said work would begin soon on the reconstruction of Buffalo Avenue between Veterans Drive and the North Grand Island Bridge and at 97th Street.

"It is also proposed that the upper end of Buffalo Avenue will again receive treatment with the city's 'Zipper' paving machine," Dyster said.

The reconstruction along Buffalo Avenue will be discussed at a public meeting at 6 p.m. today in the LaSalle Public Library, 8728 Buffalo Ave. The deteriorated street surface along sections of Buffalo Avenue has been the subject of numerous complaints to city officials.

The sections of 32nd Street between Seneca Avenue and Porter Road and between Porter Road and Linwood Avenue are among those to be repaved. Those are considered to be two separate projects in the city's list of 28 jobs for this year's construction season. Dyster said that route is used for access to Hyde Park, "especially during the Little League baseball season."

Another highlight on the list is Chilton Avenue near downtown Niagara Falls which has deteriorated rapidly as a result of its being used as a detour during a Water Board construction project on Whirlpool Street.

The mayor said continuing full-depth reconstruction along Lewiston Road has made it difficult for the city to do any resurfacing projects in the DeVeaux neighborhood this year.

If the weather and the price of asphalt for paving "cooperate," Dyster said, he hoped to add additional streets to the initial list for the 2011 program.

The list includes: Chilton Avenue from Whirlpool Street to Main Street; 32nd Street, Seneca Avenue to Porter Road; 35th Street, Ontario Avenue to Westwood Drive; Ontario Avenue, 39th Street to the easterly limit; Parkview Drive, Jerauld Avenue to Fairway Drive; Fairway Drive at Parkview Drive; Westwood Drive, 35th Street to Parkview; Porter Road, Hyde Park Boulevard to Robbins Drive; 32nd Street, Porter to Linwood Avenue; South Avenue, Hyde Park to Weston Avenue, Hyde Park to Robbins; Michigan Avenue, Hyde Park to Robbins; Cleveland Avenue, Hyde Park to Robbins; Ninth Street, DeVeaux Street to Garden Avenue; Roselle Avenue, McCoon Avenue to Hudson Drive; 79th Street, Niagara Falls Boulevard to Frontier Avenue.

Also Girard Avenue, 78th Street to 81st Street; 88th Street, Cayuga Drive to the northerly limit; 90th Street, Jayne Place to Lindbergh Avenue; Jayne Place, 91st Street to Pasadena Avenue; Deuro Drive at Mueller Court; 96th Street, Colvin Boulevard to Greenwald Drive; 60th Street, Buffalo Avenue to Stephenson Avenue; 61st Street, Buffalo to Stephenson; 22nd Street, Niagara Street to Mackenna Avenue; Welch Avenue, 19th Street to Portage Road; Portage, Niagara to Mackenna; Niagara, Portage to Ninth Street.


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