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Reseed? No way

It figures. Two low-seeded mid-majors (VCU and Butler) have advanced to the Final Four and there's a movement afoot to re-seed the Final Four. Stop it, please. The brackets are fine just the way they are. If low seeds make a run, so be it. VCU and Butler beat a bunch of highly regarded schools from the elite leagues to get this far. They earned the right to play each other in the national semifinal on Saturday night. 

VCU and Butler have nothing to apologize for. It's not their fault the selection committee seeded them so low. Part of the tournament's charm is seeing teams get the benefit of an upset on their side of the bracket. What, should we consider re-seeding after every round to make sure a high seed plays the lowest possible seed at any point in the competition? What's the fun of that?

I like the fact that Butler or VCU will play in the title game. Of course, a part of me would love to see them placed on opposite sides, which would give them each one more shot at a BCS school and a chance to play for the whole thing on Monday night. The TV moguls would hate that, of course. The main reason there's talk of reseeding is a fear of bad ratings when VCU and Butler play. Too bad. I have no respect for any basketball fan who wouldn't tune in to Butler-VCU because it lacks big-time appeal.


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