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Excerpts from reader commentary on News stories and staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but comments to the blogs can be posted under pen names.

Buffalo Sabres: In a response to News sports reporter John Vogl's article, "Sabres silence the masses: Miller outduels Price as Buffalo gains an important two points in Eastern Conference playoff race," Roy Stevenson of Southampton commented:

I'll give credit where credit is due. [Rob] Niedermayer made a big play in the last few minutes of the game when Montreal was starting to put a lot of pressure on by controlling the puck, skating it into the Montreal end, taking a good shot and forechecking. It kept the Habs in their end for about 30 seconds.

Rick Flayler of Livermore, Calif., added:

Great win last night. My son and I are flying out the last week of the season from California during spring break to watch Tampa and Philly to close out the season. His first time ever in Buffalo and my first since the '99 playoffs. We can't wait to finally be amongst friends at a Sabre game instead of getting in fights at the Shark Tank in San Jose when the Sabres come out.


Weather: Following an article by News staff reporter Gene Warner on the less-than-appreciated winter snow dump the other day, shortly after the official start of spring, Lydia Bezou Hojnacki of Buffalo asked:

Does anyone remember the SEVEN INCHES on May 7? What year was that? Early '90s, I think somebody help us remember the details

Ayah Setel of Buffalo replied:

I remember that, but not when it was (1994 or '95, maybe?). I remember running outside to take pictures, because I was sure none of my friends would believe me.


School Zone: Mary Pasciak's blog on where Buffalo teachers live and the expected Board of Education vote on whether to rescind the residency rule requiring most district employees to live in the City of Buffalo, brought this response from Buffalobred:

First off the residency requirement might hold a drop of water if the administrators and board members were required to live in the city as well. It's not the teachers' job to strengthen neighborhoods at home. The only merit the city has is that its tax base pays the teachers if that were in fact the case which it is not. If you want to strengthen the communities, start going after the parents of the children who are neglected.


Viewpoints: Following a cover story by Arthur Scott on education and the need for leadership, accountability and empowerment in dysfunctional urban schools, Robert H. MacCallum of Sloan wrote:

What an excellent set of ideas! In my experience serving two elected terms on a building leadership team in a rural district, I found that the best thing the system had going for it was the teacher in the classroom. I also found that in most cases those teachers were not in the mix of decision making, instead being treated like sheep made to follow one "program" after another programs that changed almost every year. Programs that came down from "on high," Albany and Washington. Programs in many cases originating with politicians, often born from a trendy slogan or sound bite designed primarily for political gain by the self serving politician weighing in on the subject and not necessarily backed up by that politician having any experience at all in the field of education.

Much of what Scott says needs to be said and needs to be listened to.


War: A piece by News staff reporters Lou Michel and T.J. Pignataro on Marines from India Company returning home to Buffalo from a deadly tour of duty in Afghanistan brought appreciative comments, including this from Mary Fogarty Baty of Williamsville:

My son is one of these few, proud Marines of India Company! Thank you, God, for bringing him and his brothers home safely. Thank you to all friends, family and all for your prayers!!! We are so proud of you Lcpl. Derek John Fogarty!

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