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Trivia Quiz

1. How large is a "tot" of liquor?

2. Name the capital of Papua New Guinea.

3. In stock trading, a quarter point equals 25 cents. What is the monetary value of one-sixteenth of a point?

4. What is the weight of a shot put?

5. What does "sans" mean?

6. Steatite or soapstone may be better known as what four-letter word beginning with a "t"?

7. Identify the character in "David Copperfield" who is patterned after the father of author Charles Dickens.

8. Do bondholders have equity interests in companies whose bonds they own?

9. Sparta was a principal city-state of what ancient nation?

10. Is "pistashio" or "pistachio" the correct spelling for the nut?



1. It is simply a small drink.

2. Port Moresby.

3. The fraction equals 6 1/4 cents.

4. Sixteen pounds.

5. Without or lacking.

6. Talc.

7. Wilkins Micawber.

8. No, bondholders are creditors. Stockholders have equity interests.

9. Greece.

10. "Pistachio."

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