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Greens name prankster as candidate for Congress

   The Green Party, which qualified for a "permanent" line on the New York State ballot in last year's election for governor, has nominated Ian L. Murphy as its candidate for the May 24th special election in the 26th Congressional District.

   Murphy, you may recall, writes for a satirical Web site called the Beast and delivered a prank call to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker at the height of the protests over Walker's plan to strip public unions of their collective bargaining rights.

   Posing as right wing billionaire David Koch, Murphy discussed tactics with Walker about how to trick Wisconsin Senate Democrats into returning to the state after they left rather than vote for Walker's public unions plan. A tape of the call was later reported widely throughout the media.

   The Beast has also pulled prank on notables such as Mayors Anthony M. Masiello and Byron W. Brown.

    So when the Green Party issued a press release naming Murphy as its candidate for Congress, The Buffalo News corroborated the information with the state Board of Elections -- a credible source.

    -- Robert J. McCarthy

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