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Trivia Quiz

1. Are rainbows visible at night?

2. What does one do numerically to convert from Fahrenheit to Celsius?

3. In what two places is gold stored for the U.S. government?

4. Do U.S. Army lieutenants wear gold or silver bars?

5. Provide the former name of the African nation of Zimbabwe.

6. In Greek mythology, was Zeus the father or son of Cronus?

7. Can a mule reproduce?

8. The capital of Michigan is ?

9. A leading American statesman, representing Kentucky in Congress for many years, was known as the "Great Compromiser." Identify him.

10. Is the petrel a fish or bird?



1. Yes.

2. A Fahrenheit temperature can be converted to Celsius by subtracting 32 from Fahrenheit degrees and then dividing the result by 1.8.

3. Fort Knox, Ky., and West Point, N.Y.

4. Silver.

5. Rhodesia.

6. Zeus was the son of Cronus.

7. No. The mule is a sterile offspring of a male ass and a female horse.

8. Lansing.

9. Henry Clay.

10. Bird.

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