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How did you cope with your farm subscription (CSA) vegetables?

Subscribing to a local farm's vegetable harvest through a community supported agriculture (CSA) program sounds brilliant at first. Support local farmers, get impeccably fresh organic vegetables, everybody wins, right?

Until vegetables you're not used to cooking start arriving, week after week. What do I do with kohlrabi when I've never seen it before? How can I get my kids to eat chard? What can I do with all these cooking greens before they rot?

If you've been a CSA subscriber, you've probably figured out solutions. Please share them with me and News readers, as I research a story on making the most of your CSA membership. There's a bumper crop of farm subscribers in Western New York this year, so there are going to be lots of first-timers.

Send me an email at with your story. Any problems you faced? Tips you can share? Recipes that came in handy?

Not everyone's contributions will appear in the story, but they'll all help me understand how cooks are trying to make the most of their CSA experience.

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