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The Grammar Guru

Maureen and Doreen were identical twins, but it was remarkable how little they had in common. For one thing, Doreen hated crossword puzzles. Actually, she was averse to anything intellectual, which Maureen relished.

One day, Maureen began dating Walter, who delighted in spouting things such as, "Life is like a public restroom: You either get water from the spout or soap from the dispenser. You rarely get both!"

"How can you tolerate his gibberish?" Doreen asked Maureen.

"He's considerate, polite, attentive. I'm not averse to a little balderdash."

One night, eating dinner at the twins' house, Walter broke out in hives.

"Are there any strawberries in this fruit salad?" he asked, scratching.

"Just some strawberry syrup in the bottom," said Maureen. "Oh, my. You never told me you had adverse reactions to strawberries, dear. I'm so sorry."

" 'Sorry' doesn't cut it!" yelled Walter, whose face had swollen, along with his temper. He grabbed his hat and left. "It's for the best," Doreen told Maureen. "His personality causes adverse reactions." Maureen gave Doreen a dirty look and went to bed. (You show her, Maur!!!!!)

Remember: averse -- feeling distaste or repugnance toward something; adverse -- unfavorable.



1) Cynthia was (adverse/averse) to getting to work on time, so she was constantly late.

2) "Pork chops make my nose itch," Leon told the waitress at lunch. "I have an (averse/adverse) reaction to them."

3) "I stopped dating Randall because he's (adverse/averse) to taking baths," Anita explained to her mother.



1) averse (The problem was solved when the firm moved, and no one gave her the new address.)

2) adverse (Since Leon was in a fish restaurant, the waitress walked away.)

3) averse (Randall also didn't care much for showers, which foretold a future among the smelling-impaired.)

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