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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County Clerk's Office for the week ending Feb. 11.


Saunders Settlement Road, Gary Prange; Janet Prange to Paul H. Baker, $164,000.

Cambria Road, Shirly A. Kroening; Martin L. Kroening to Christopher Gresock, $21,000.



Upper Mountain Road, Cammacks Home Repair; Jean L. Cammack to Virginia Hatch, $155,000.

Morgan Drive, Teresa A. Joseph to James T. Buccella; Lara S. Buccella, $117,000.

Ridge Road, Gloria Carveth; Stephen A. Carveth to David Wylier, $8,000.



Charlotte St., James M. Cain to Michael J. Cain, $25,000.



7235 Plank Road, Scott R. Ludtka to Lindsey Ludtka, $68,750.



Coomer Road, Peter A. Rohring; Lezlee A. Rohring to Nicole C. Mckay; Michael J. Houghton Jr., $132,000.

Lockport-Olcott Road, Diane M. Harig; Christine A. Irr to Karen I. Ashley; Eddie L. Ashley, $80,500.

1802 Lockport-Olcott Road, County of Niagara to Joseph Maraglino; Linda Michaels, $38,000.

Lake Shore Terrace, Carl R. Zehr; Yvonne M. Zehr to Thomas V. Lorenzi, $16,000.

Hess Road, Duane H. Klumpp; Linda L. Klumpp to Robert Kennedy; Christine Kennedy, $14,000.



8231 Porter Road, Deutsche Bank to Stephen Ewins, $17,430.



Highest price:$17,023,000

Average price:$1,887,243

Median price: $80,000

Number of Sales:10

300 3rd St., GKK Hotel Niagara Owner Llc to NFNY Hotel Management, $17,023,000.

76th St., Westminster Development to Advance Stores Co. Inc., $1,230,000.

South Military Road, William J. Gee; Rachel M. Gee to Edward K. Wadin, $135,000.

Parkview Drive, Marinella Cerra; Peter N. Cerra to Miroslawa Suska; Jacek P. Suski, $127,000.

85th St., John Timothy Neville to Steven L. Hoover, $82,500.

203 79th St., Donna Ward; Donna Nowak to Brenda K. Scozzafava, $77,500.

60th St., Alexander Kidd; Alexandra Kidd Martin to Tabitha A. Weed, $69,000.

Stephenson Ave., JCA Enterprises to Ralph Pescrillo, $60,000.

Norwood Ave., Theresa Grana; Catherine Centofanti to Kelly L. Armstrong, $51,000.

8231 Porter Road, Deutsche Bank to Stephen Ewins, $17,430.



Revere Ave., Christopher R. Carey to Colleen Rose Callahan, $73,500.

Ironton St., City of North Tonawanda to Kathleen R. Sieracki; Kenneth P. Weibel, $30,000.

Felton St., City of North Tonawanda to Daniel J. Brousse, $21,500.

2nd Ave., City of North Tonawanda to Kathleen R. Sieracki; Kenneth P. Weibel, $15,000.

Webster St., City of North Tonawanda to George H. Olmstead Jr., $11,200.



Pendleton-Wheatfield Town Line Road, Sean R. Bannach; Richard D. Bannach to Michelle M. Starbuck; Richard P. Wozniak, $64,250.



Oak St., Charles Edward Stevens; Carol E. Stevens; Charles E. Stevens to Joy M. Neville; John T. Neville, $98,000.



Telegraph Road, Patricia Kelkenberg; Timothy E. Kelkenberg to Scott D. Garlock; Valerie A. Garlock, $55,000.

Highland Drive, Joseph L. Provenzano; Christa A. Provenzano to Lori E. Sansone, $20,000.



9541 9543 Somerset Drive, Ann S. Friedman; David E. Seaman; Daniel E. Seaman; Kathleen S. Cooke to Friedman Family; M. Barry Friedman; Ann S. Friedman; Kathleen S. Cooke; Ralph C. Cooke, $94,100.



Highest price: $260,000

Average price: $175,357

Median price: $202,128

Number of Sales:8

Moyer Road, Virginia E. Hatch to Gary Prange; Janet Prange, $260,000.

Skylark Lane, Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc. to Curt P. Doktor; Rebecca L. Doktor, $243,625.

Skylark Lane, Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc. to Gary A. Blasio, $220,465.

Skylark Lane, Ryan Homes of New York; Nvr Inc. to Jeanette G. Micon, $214,255.

2409 Lake Mead Road, Dennis Genkinger; Pamela L. Genkinger; Pamela L. Guagliano to Lisa Pacana; Christian J. Waggoner, $190,000.

Niagara St., Michael J. Martino; John A. Martino Sr. to Justjam Inc., $129,214.

Lockport Road, Linda E. Cooper to Stephanie L. Stacy, $111,300.

Raymond Road, Ann E. Kroening to Elaine E. Gawrys; Ronald A. Gawrys, $34,000.



Youngstown Road, Stephen K. Schrader to David M. Clark, $113,000.

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