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TV Mail Box

Q: Has "Big Brother" been canceled, or has it been renewed?

-- Roger Young, Van Buren, Ark.

A: CBS has booked it for a 13th season that should begin shortly after the Fourth of July, as has been the show's summer custom each year. The casting of the new housemates hasn't even happened yet; that's slated to begin in mid-April. However, you can expect Julie Chen to return in her traditional role as host of the eviction episodes.


Q: I am wondering if the actress who played Rachel's biological mother on "Glee" is her real-life mother.

-- Jennie Mooney, Cortland

A: Despite the resemblance, no but like Lea Michele, alias Rachel, Idina Menzel is a Broadway veteran. Menzel won a Tony Award for the musical "Wicked," in which she starred with fellow recurring "Glee" guest star Kristin Chenoweth.


Q: About a year ago, there was a show called "Find My Family," about people who were adopted or children who were put up for adoption looking for anything about their pasts. Is there any chance it will be back?

-- Marv Liss, Vero Beach, Fla.

A: Not unless another network decides to revive it. ABC decided against ordering additional episodes after the initial set aired during the 2009-10 season. Such a reboot is not unheard of, as with ABC's pickup of "Secret Millionaire" after it originally aired on Fox, but there's no word yet on a similar situation for "Find My Family."

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