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E (yet)

By Marina Blitshteyn

how old were you when you moved?"

"months before the dissolution"

"do you remember it?"

"fear and quiet, a tank and the names of things"

"what did your parents do in Russia?"

"my mother was a doctor, my father an engineer"

a common narrative"

"what did they do when you moved?"

"they lost their careers"

"how old is your sister?"

"10 years older

a common narrative"

"does she have an accent?"

"I answer in English"

"how did you lose it?"

"the echo and talking back"


Williamsville resident Marina Blitshteyn was born in the Soviet Union and immigrated to the U.S. with her family in 1991. These poems are from "Russian for Lovers," a collection of poems that explores love and exile through the formal constraint of the Cyrillic alphabet. It was published in February by Argos Books. She is currently pursuing a master of fine arts in poetry at Columbia University.

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