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Excerpts from reader commentary on News stories and staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but comments to the blogs can be posted under pen names.

Verizon: In a response to News staff reporter Lou Michel's web update about Verizon withdrawing plans for a data center in Somerset,Michael Davidson of Kenmore commented:

We complain about the fact that no businesses that pay livable/high wages want to locate in Western New York. When they do, we make them regret even thinking about coming here. Seriously, people, what is wrong with you?

Shaun Maciejewski of Buffalo added:

Who needs good paying jobs anyway? The public money from this project can just go to the unemployment benefits for the people who could have worked here.


UB: After University at Buffalo provost Satish K. Tripathi won the crucial backing of State University of New York Chancellor Nancy Zimpher to lead the campus, as reported by News staff writers Tom Precious and Jay Rey, Tim Lafferty of East Aurora, president-elect of the University at Buffalo Alumni Association, wrote:

UB has chosen its next president and it's good news for our university and for Western New York. Satish Tripathi was instrumental in crafting the goals and vision of UB 2020. He is a committed educator, researcher and leader. As UB's first international-born president, Tripathi will lead an internationally diverse student body and 213,000 alumni representing UB both in the United States and in more than 130 countries.

As a local leader, Tripathi has a strong understanding of the community. Our region will benefit from Tripathi's pursuit of the university's goal of becoming one of the nation's finest research institutions. I believe our university and the UB 2020 initiative are in good hands. Tripathi will continue advancing UB 2020 for the greater good of our university and community.

Michael DiPasquale of Northampton, Mass., added:

Agree. This is a good move. No learning curve here. He can get to work immediately and help implement the vision set out by John Simpson.


Michael Bloomberg: Following an article by News staff reporter Brian Meyer on New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's not-so-favorable statement about Buffalo, Todd Hariaczyi of Williamsville reasoned:

Everyone is so quick to criticize the politicians -- and they are right in doing so -- but how did many of the politicians get there in the first place? We, the people, elected them. We need to look past race, political parties, suburbs vs. city, etc. and realize we are all in this together. We need to put the best people in the best places to make the best decisions. Unfortunately, we do not. We can demand change, but until we do something about it ourselves (rather than voting the same fools in there time and time again), Buffalo will remain a second-class city in many people's eyes.

Richard Furlong of Warsaw added:

Question: why should anyone even care what Bloomberg thinks, says, does, etc.? I don't care if he denigrates Buffalo, praises Buffalo, visits Buffalo or avoids Buffalo. It's amazing how people can get their noses completely bent out of joint based on a comment by a guy who has no ties to Buffalo whatsoever. Put it otherwise, if any of us rag on NYC, how many nights of sleep do you think Mike will lose?


Buffalo Bills: Mark Gaughan's article on the team's plans for no layoffs or furloughs as a result of the NFL work stoppage brought this comment from Todd Hariaczyi of Williamsville:

The players, the majority of them millionaires, demand even more money while the administrative staff, hardly millionaires themselves, take pay cuts. Absolutely selfish. When is enough enough? And when the squabble between millionaires is settled, it will be the fans spending more money to see their favorite team to play.

Bill Godzisz of Tonawanda added:

In reality all pro team ownership should be like the Packers, community owned! We pay for the stadiums and arenas! If a small-market team like the Packers can do it, etc.

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