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It seems to us; A big payday in Ohio (for a bit) and Mayor Bloomberg's big mouth

WINNING TAX TICKET: Imagine if you filed your taxes and then got a return letter promising a $200 million refund!

This really happened to an Ohio woman and it wasn't a hoax, but the tax department did say it was a mistake. A big one. Due to a software glitch! Aww!

According to the Sandusky Register, Denise Bossetti was among 9,700 taxpayers statewide who received Ohio Department of Taxation notices about mega-refunds. She was sent a letter dated Jan. 24 saying her $200 million refund could not be paid by direct deposit so she'd be sent a check.

Bossetti may be more understanding than the rest of us, because she says she and her boyfriend had a "big laugh" over the letter. She might have laughed longer if she had been laughing all the way to the bank!


BUFFALO BLUES: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg might have been crying the blues following this unscripted comment: "Buffalo would love to have our problems, and one of the challenges in this country is how we help a city like Buffalo."

Scuse, you?

Bloomberg was speaking to folks attending a forum on housing and neighborhood development in his beloved downstate city and what he called "the problems of success because of a lack of space to build more roads, housing and classrooms," problems other cities don't face. You know, like Buffalo.

Bloomberg later apologized, which pleased not only a "pissed off" Buffalo Mayor Byron W. Brown but anyone else who calls Buffalo -- the City of Good Neighbors, by the way -- home.

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