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Verizon's outrageous claim, Independent Health ranks No. 1, healthy shopping...

From Business Today:

Verizon pulled the plug on its plans to build a $4 billion data center in Niagara County. That's the bad news, very bad news. Western New York couldn't haveVERIZON_001   done much more to make the deal happen, offering tax incentives and cheap power. But the company's claim that a little lawsuit from a neighbor was a big factor in its decision is a outrageous case of corporate evasion. Really? A multi-billion dollar corporation turns and runs from a major development plan because a neighbor files a lawsuit? If that were true, there would be no Walmart stores in this country. The building of almost every store faces court challenges. Walmart, like Verizon, has a sharp legal team for such things. Who knows why Verizon really decided to go elsewhere - the uncertain future of the neighboring coal fired power plant is a good guess - but for the company to say they are running away because of a neighbor's lawsuit? That is something.

Independent Health Association has done an amazing thing - again. The small, not-for-profit health insurer was ranked No. 1 in the New York/New Jersey region, and No. 2 in the nation for customer Cropp 01 satisfaction in the latest J.D. Power and Associates survey. The two other Western New York insurers also ranked near the top of the regional list: Excellus (parent of Univera) at No. 2 and HealthNow at No. 5. Western New Yorkers clearly feel they are well served by their health insurers.

Every wonder how healthy that box of cereal is? Or that frozen pizza? Tops Markets has started a new labeling program run by a company called NuVal where every item is graded for nutritional valueNUTRITION  on a scale of 1 to 100. What earns a 100? Blueberries, strawberries and brocoli. What earns a 1? We don't know, but we're sure it tastes good.

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored?

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