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A few of my favorite things

For some time now I've been carrying around a paint strip with a color called Cedar Green. It's a lovely shade but, more important, I'm picturing it in a room with white woodwork.

I never tire of white woodwork. I love to see it with vibrant blue walls -- or red, sunny yellow or my new favorite green.

Window seats are something else I love to see in a home. We have two, including one in our 12-year-old daughter's room.

It was not built with the house but rather created from a long, low piece of furniture with two drawers. There's a cushion on top as well as back cushions that fit under the sill. The modular-type wood furniture on either side, painted white like the window seat base, is the same depth so it looks built in.

It's a comfy spot and one the dog discovered shortly after we adopted him several years ago.

Window boxes also grab my attention. I want them on the front of our own home and am working on the possibility (after we paint a room Cedar Green -- a Benjamin Moore color, by the way).

Some of my other favorite things in a home:

*Ferns. Real. Faux. Part of a print on fabric. Hanging, in the ground, on a plant stand. I love them all.

*Tidy garages.

*Chalkboards in a kitchen. If you don't have one, you probably know people who do. Chalkboards (or chalkboard paint on a wall) also are a popular detail in decorating magazines and books.

I was just flipping through Candice Olson's new book, "Kitchens & Baths" (inspiring!) and saw one on a kitchen wall that read: "To Do (or not to do)" and the following list: "Pick up kids. Cook. Drop off kids. Cook. Soccer game. Cook."

We hear you.

*Porch rockers. Several of them lined up, please, with me sitting in one of them.

*Painted furniture. Even just a single piece in a room. I also like to see the insides of china cabinets painted a gorgeous color -- to complement the china, of course.

*Storage baskets. Come on, tell me you've never slowed down in a store like Target to check out the earthy hued woven baskets or colorful canvas bins. All so neatly lined up, of course. So organized.

*Black-and-white photographs on the wall. With white mats and black or silver frames. I really should be living in a Pottery Barn catalog.

*Eye-catching lamp finials. Jewelry for your home.

*A cute spot for doggie treats. We keep our dog's treats and dry food in clear containers with black lids and black paw prints all over them.

When I first spotted them several years ago, I hesitated to spend the money on them. But they keep the treats fresh, and I really do enjoy seeing them every day.

As for the dog, something has to lure him away from that window seat.


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