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What can you get for $5?

     What can you get for $5?
     How about a singer doing "Happy Birthday" a la Marilyn Monroe for you, or a St. Patrick's Day greeting, complete with Irish music?
     More pragmatically, you can get 30 days worth of personal tax advice, a healthy weekly menu plan (with foods you like to eat), or a logo for your business.
     You can get a motivational text every morning, or a blues song written just for you.
     All these services, and thousands more, are available at, a freelance website "for people to share things they are willing to do for $5."
     It works like this: People post on Fiverr a "gig" they are willing to do for $5; the site notifies them when the service is ordered and pays them $4 when it's done.
     Those who want to contract for the services pay through PayPal or by credit card, then are put in touch with their new "employee" to get the job done.
      Categories for services include gifts, graphics, video, social marketing, travel,  writing, advertising, business and technology. For instance, you can get help programming your iPad, setting up a blog or deciding which television to buy.
     Under Fun & Bizarre, you can hire a person to hold a sign saying anything you want in Times Square, and send you a photo of it. You can get a Tarot card reading, learn how to bend spoons with your mind or have a Sean Connery sound-alike leave the message on your voicemail.
     And that barely scratches the surface.
     In other words, what can you get for $5? Just about anything.

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