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In theaters, aliens strike again

"Battle: Los Angeles" is an extremely action-packed movie, but is it really worth the money? Maybe.

"Battle: Los Angeles" is about aliens that want to take over the world to use water for their fuel supply and to colonize Earth. The movie is filled with cool and intense scenes of action. It's very gritty in style and look, but it's hard to see because the camera shakes all over the place. If the camera stood still, it would be better.

The poor character development makes the movie drag because the audience never gets a good idea about who these people are and it's hard to even remember who is who. But that aside, this is a pretty cool movie. The action is well played out and looks great. The acting stands out, and the dialogue is well played out.

There are glimpses of some great cinematography. My favorite moment is when the city is being attacked in the distance during the night. It looks so amazing and sent chills down my spine.

The movie is like "Black Hawk Down" meets "Aliens." I had fun, and it's an exciting film that impressed me with its creativity in why the aliens are attacking.

This movie is not for children. The language plus some of the scenes with dead bodies in the streets can be disturbing.

Not everyone will enjoy this movie, but I did.

Ryan Koller is a junior at Depew High School.


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