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Trivia Quiz

1. Where is Timbuktu?

2. What is the meaning of "ignominy"?

3. Identify the leading tobacco-producing states.

4. In flying, what is the point of no return?

5. Do planets orbit around the sun clockwise or counterclockwise?

6. Name the author of "The Glass Menagerie."

7. What is the monetary unit in the Marshall Islands?

8. What are the two largest cities in Brazil?

9. President Grover Cleveland used his middle name, Grover, but what was his first name?

10. If one "gibbers," he ...


1. Republic of Mali, in Africa.

2. Loss of reputation; shame and dishonor; disgraceful behavior.

3. North Carolina, with Kentucky second.

4. The place at which there is no longer enough fuel to return to the starting place.

5. Counterclockwise.

6. Tennessee Williams.

7. The U.S. dollar. English is also the official language, but the islands, population only 63,000, form an independent nation.

8. Sao Paulo, by far the largest, and Rio de Janeiro.

9. Stephen.

10. Speaks rapidly and incoherently or unintelligibly.

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