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Trivia Quiz

1. The "E" is the most frequently used letter of the English alphabet. What is the least used letter?

2. What is meant if a corporation declares an optional dividend?

3. What state is known as the "Old Dominion"?

4. Is all of the moon visible at one time or another from Earth?

5. What is a "covert"?

6. The average person's heart pumps about 30, 300 or 3,000 gallons of blood in a 24-hour period?

7. State the two prior names of Istanbul, Turkey.

8. One inch of rain equals how many inches of snow, within five inches?

9. Americans who were in favor of continued allegiance to Great Britain during our Revolution were known as

10. In troy weight, how many ounces are in a pound?



1. The "Q."

2. It's a dividend that may be received in cash or stock at the option of the shareholder.

3. Virginia.

4. No. The moon always points the same face towards Earth.

5. A hidden or sheltered place.

6. About 3,000 gallons.

7. The most recent prior name was Constantinople, and before that Byzantine.

8. Ten inches.

9. Tories.

10. In troy weight, 12 ounces equal one pound.

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