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Town will offer residents jumbo recycling bins

The town plans to make jumbo recycling bins available to residents whose bins now overflow.

The Town Board voted Monday to buy 200 32-gallon recycling bins as part of a purchase that also includes replenishing the town's stock of the normal 18-gallon bins.

Councilwoman Cheryl A. Antkowiak said she has seen residents who can't fit all their reusable waste into one regular bin.

"A lot of people are buying two [18-gallon] bins because they want to do more recycling," she said.

The board voted to spend $11,955, including shipping costs, to buy 1,000 of the 18-gallon bins and 200 of the 32-gallon bins. The jumbo bins will be circular and could include lids.

Supervisor Marc R. Smith said he will buy a 32-gallon bin for his home. "I get two newspapers a day. And I have teenagers. They're always emptying a cardboard box of something," he said.

The town is paying $7.15 for each 18-gallon bin and $14.05 each for the 32-gallon model. It will sell the bigger bins to residents for $15. The 18-gallon bins will cost $8, the same as the town now charges for a replacement bin. New residents will continue to receive free 18-gallon bins, Smith said.

Otto Environmental Services of Charlotte, N.C., is the manufacturer of the bins. Antkowiak said they offered by far the lowest price, and the increase from the town's last purchase in 2007 was $1.50 per bin.

"I don't think that's a huge increase in four years for plastic," she said.

However, the town is giving up on plastic when it comes to buying containers for smokers to dump their cigarette butts on town property. The board decided to send back four plastic butt bins that it bought for $260 each and replace them with aluminum models that cost $774 each.

Antkowiak said the plastic bins proved hard to assemble and otherwise unsatisfactory in replacing rusted-out steel models.

The board also heard that 17 of the 85 spaces for memorial tree plantings in Day Road Park already are spoken for.

Stedman's Nursery of Newfane is selling four types of trees, with plaques if desired, and will plant them for the town. Stedman's is charging $100 and up, depending on the species of tree.

"If you order the whole package you get a 20 percent discount, 25 percent if you're a veteran," Antkowiak said. A 50 percent down payment is required.

The board also decided to vote at Wednesday's formal meeting to renew a sewer service contract with the City of Lockport for the Carlisle Gardens and Lincoln Village subdivisions. The price, unchanged from the old contract, is $596,855 a year for 2011 and 2012.

Also Wednesday, the board is expected to create a new part-time court clerk position because of rising caseloads. Town Court already has four clerks, two full-time and two part-time.


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