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The Grammar Guru

During one of her fortune-telling sessions, Mme. Wanda had an attack of conscience and decided that making a living this way was immoral; it violated all sorts of ethics.

Therefore, she pushed the young man's $300 back across the table and said, "Please forgive me! I can't see the future at all!"

The young man stared at her for a moment. Then he smiled. "People told me you were the best," he said. "Come on. I can handle whatever you see for me."

Mme. Wanda sighed. "All right. You're going to make millions and live to be 100 and have lots of gorgeous girlfriends who adore you."


Stifling her distaste for him, Mme. Wanda added, "You don't have to follow any ethics or morals; in other words, your behavior can be amoral, and no one will judge you."


"Now, hand over all your money and those rings you're wearing. Even though they're fake, I can get a few bucks for them."

And so the session ended, along with any further attacks of conscience for Mme. Wanda.

Remember: immoral -- violating moral standards; amoral -- without any moral standards



1) "Robin Hood and his men gave what they stole from the rich to the poor, so their behavior wasn't really (amoral/immoral)," Miss Erica told her third-grade class.

2) It's considered (amoral/immoral) to cheat on your taxes.

3) "Do you think cats consider it (amoral/immoral) to go after mice?" Mickey asked Minnie.

4) A few minutes later, Mickey said, "I don't think cats have morals. I think they live by an (immoral/amoral) code and don't think twice about their behavior."



1) immoral (Uh, Miss Erica, care to explain the fistful of bills Robin stuffed in his shoe after every job?)

2) immoral (So nobody does it!)

3) immoral (Minnie yawned.)

4) amoral (Sighing with boredom, Minnie got up and went to the mall.)

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