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Niagara County Real Estate Transactions

Following are real estate transactions over $5,000 as listed in records of the Niagara County Clerk's Office for the week ending Dec. 24.


Lower Mountain Road, Michael A. Hart; Kerry L. Hart to Matthew Cattarin, $229,000.

Cambria-Wilson Road, Karen M. Hogan to Susan E. McGruther; Keneth E. McGruther, $32,000.



Gill Road, James Stratton Meahl; James Meahl; Marcia Jean Miller; Marcia J. Meahl; James S. Meahl to Stasha K. Ginavan; Charles P. Ginavan, $112,500.



Page Ave., Richard M. Skurski to James T. Bush, $190,000.

Roosevelt Ave., James A. Dinieri to Dana Varney; Bethany Varney, $50,000.

Page Ave., Richard M. Skurski to James T. Bush, $15,000.



Highest price: $130,000

Average price: $58,407

Median price: $50,997

Number of Sales:8

Genesee St., Pine St., Lagrange St., Caroline K. Murphy to Mary F. Murphy, $130,000.

Michigan St., Joan Allis; Richard J. Allis Jr. to Ryan T. Buhr; Heather M. Buhr, $103,000.

Stevens St. & Webb St., Margaret J. Simmons; Sheila S. Robinson; Lester J. Robinson to Carol E. Kathke; Carl D. Kathke, $65,000.

Ontario St., Emma L. Hamilton to Emma M. Daigler; Edward N. Daigler, $51,999.

Nicholls St., Barbara Hudson; Mildred F. Klimek; Patricia C. Klimek to Shannon M. Radder, $49,995.

Clinton St. & North Adam St., Susan E. Echlin; Brant J. Echlin to Brandon C. Echlin, $40,200.

42 Charlotte St., Fannie Mae to Todd C. Glassman; Susan M. Glassman, $19,000.

309 Ontario St., Stonecrest Income and Opportunity Fund I to US Home Ownership, $8,065.



Harvest Ridge Way, Jennifer L. Semrau to Melissa Baudo, $166,000.

6565 Dysinger Road, Dawn Rickard; Joyce Bradley; Lorraine R. Westcott to David R. Holt; Ronald J. Brogan, $80,000.

Akron Road, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Pamela V. London; Thomas R. Appenheimer, $30,000.



Highest price: $89,900

Average price: $37,186

Median price: $25,000

Number of Sales:13

73rd St., Mary Ann Culbert to Thomas A. Roell, $89,900.

91st St., David S. Beam to James T. Conway Jr., $81,500.

616 4th St., Larnell Briggs to Fargo Bank Wells, $51,422.

15th St., Natale Nastasi to Jennifer L. Lester, $45,000.

72nd St., Laurie M. Crisafulli; Vito P. Crisafulli Jr. to Diane M. Ganci, $45,000.

Seneca Ave., Valeria Pucak; Paul T. Pucak to James H. Martino, $41,000.

Hyde Park Blvd., Milton Hudson to Emilio Passucci, $25,000.

Memorial Parkway, Diane Vankleef; Pascal Scrufari to Avinoam Cohen, $23,600.

86th St., Cynthia J. Robinson to Jean E. Harris; David M. Harris, $20,000.

Pine Ave., Peter N. Cerra to George Satarian, $20,000.

1737 Whitney Ave., HSBC Bank to Yunfeng Shan, $16,000.

1920 Buffalo Ave., Andor Group Llc to Gerald Manzi Jr., $15,000.

Ontario Ave., Daniel P. White to Equity Trust Co.; Keith Canazzi, $10,000.



Deerfield Drive, Eileen A. Pacana to Anthony J. Altieri, $198,900.

Belmont Court East, Richard E. Zobrist; Nancy K. Zobrist to Nicholas C. Stevens; Jamie L. Bartha, $97,000.

East Thompson St., Adam Mayer; Amy S. Mayer to Michael J. Squelch, $87,450.

Zimmerman St., James Wood to Richard J. Lent Jr., $74,000.

Miller St., Robert F. Bulger Sr. to Kenneth Weibel; Kathleen Sieracki, $28,100.

Schenck St., City of North Tonawanda to Paul A. Parise, $12,000.



Aiken Road, Kenneth Hylkema; Thomas Colella to Vincenzo Gulino, $133,000.

Mapleton Road, Arlene R. Collins to Thomas A. Anderson, $30,000.



Lake Road, Tommaso Occhiuto; Maryanne Occhiuto to Thomas M. Randler, $409,000.

Glengrove Drive, Barbara K. Ries; Richard W. Ries Jr. to John S. Degolier; Diane T. Degolier, $230,000.

Parkside Place, Cheryl Pietrocarlo; Cheryl A. Dunn to Joseph R. Pietrocarlo, $15,680.



Carmen Road, Phyllis J. Higgins to Suzanne Stewart, $121,000.



Forest Park Way, RM1 Holdings to RM1B Holdings, $8,101,430.

Walmore Road, Hardy Management Co. Inc. to Spirit Spe Portfolio 2007-2 Llc, $560,000.

Forest Lake Drive, Prostar Construction Inc. to Pamela J. Wentlent; Richard J. Cusimano, $240,000.

Shawnee Road & Lockport Road, Martha E. Wagner; James J. Wagner to Baico Llc, $79,000.

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