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*Student loan interest paid by parents: While mortgage or student loan interest can normally only be deducted by those who own the debt, a child who is not claimed as a dependent may be able to deduct interest on a student loan of up to $2,500 even if parents are repaying the loan.

*Making work pay credit: To realize the savings of the lowered tax withholding in 2010, taxpayers who are not claimed as dependents have to file a Schedule M for the $400 if you're single or $800 if you're married filing jointly. The credit is 6.2 percent of your income -- and phases out for high earners.

*Deduct baggage fees: The IRS allows deductions for the "cost of sending baggage and sample or display material between your regular and temporary work locations." So frequent business fliers may deduct airline baggage-check fees as a business expenses.

*Child tax credit: This substantial credit could reduce your tax bill by $1,000 for each qualifying child in your household. The credit begins to phase in at $75,000 for single heads of household; $110,000 for married.

*Home energy improvements: Some taxpayers may qualify for up to $1,500 tax credit (30 percent of total costs) for home improvement purchases to reduce energy consumption. Home energy improvement products include new windows, insulation, doors, heating and hot water systems. To qualify, the improvements had to have been installed in 2010, can be used for at least five years and meet energy efficiency requirements.

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