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Letters / Our readers speak out

>Bills need to approach draft with caution

While you're deciding whether to waste an hour and a half watching today's NFL Pro Bowl game (I don't think anyone watches the whole thing, do they?), let's take a preliminary look at this year's NFL draft.

Everyone knows the Bills need help almost everywhere. So with the third overall pick, what position should they address? The most logical options are quarterback, defensive line and linebacker. Most of the so-called experts list defensive linemen Nick Fairley and D'quan Bowers along with QB Cam Newton near the top of the list. The primary concern is that all of these players are considered one-year wonders. You may remember another one-year wonder coming out of college named Aaron Maybin.

I'm not saying the Bills should not consider these guys, but they should be cautious. Since the draft is such an inexact science, and keeping in mind our many needs, it may make sense to trade down and pick up extra draft picks. This philosophy has worked out very well over the years for New England.

Pass receiver is one of the few areas of strength on the team. Draft prospect A.J. Green is considered to be one of the best receivers to come out of college in the past decade. However, if the GM drafts him, Buddy Nix will be about as popular in this town as Mo Hassan. Let the draft speculation begin.

Dennis Weber

North Buffalo


>One fan's vision for Bills defense

The Bills linebackers are clearly the weakness of the defense. We have more depth on the defensive line so here is my suggestion for a starting defense next year. Have Posluszny, Moats and Merriman be our three linebackers, then have Kyle Williams and Marcus Stroud be the DT's with the rotation of Torrell Troup, while having Alex Carrington and Chris Kelsay (hopefully we draft Da'Quan Bowers, and he would go here) at DE with Spencer Johnson rotating in there.

We also have Akin Ayodele who seems to be a decent LB in the NFL and Reggie Torbor who is also decent. I also hope that Donte Whitner re-signs even though that looks to be very doubtful. Having him and Byrd at safeties along with Florence and McGee or McKelvin or someone new seems like a strong secondary. If this were our starting defense come September, I would be thrilled.

Patrick Oexle



>Signing Vince Young would be bad idea

This letter is in response to the writer who wants the Bills to sign quarterback Vince Young as a free agent.

The guy is a me-first player who is also injured way too often. The NFL is a quarterback league and Vince Young is no solution.

Jim Burczynski



>Fitzpatrick is not a franchise QB

Yeah, Ryan Fitzpatrick had a pretty good season. Can he repeat these stats consistently for the years to come? Probably not. For now though, he will do, but by no means is he the team's Franchise Quarterback.

The Bills need to invest their third overall pick wisely and take a quarterback such as Blaine Gabbert or Cam Newton. Chan Gailey is a smart coach, and if such a pick was made, he would take that player under his wing and groom him for two or three seasons until the time was right to unleash what has been saved up.

Come on Bills fans, let's be realistic. Do you honestly see the Bills winning a Super Bowl with Fitzpatrick at the helm?

Matt Neidhart



>Great athlete is coming to town

As I drove around this week I've heard dozens of stories and opinions on call-in shows about the Bills' 20th anniversary of their first of four Super Bowl losses. I hear all about what great sports fans Buffalo has. Nonsense.

They are Bills fans, that's all. They are more concerned about going to parking lots and getting liquored up and partying than about sports or athletics. This is fine, but let's not confuse this with love of sports or respecting athletes.

Joe Sahlen has signed the most dominant athlete ever to set foot in Western New York to his expansion WPS team, the WNY Flash. This fact is not arguable. Marta is FIFA's five-time player of the year and the most dominant female athlete on the planet. She is the female equivalent of Wayne Gretzky or Michael Jordan coming to town, and hardly a word was mentioned of her signing. Rumor is Marta's salary is around 500K for the one year left on her contract. This is where the average salary is in the 35K range.

Most Buffalo "sport fans" are shrugging their shoulders about female sports or cracking a soccer joke as they read this, but if they were real sports fans they would recognize her athleticism and the beauty of this game. And hey, the Flash actually has the chance of the success you are not getting.

Carl Heterbring


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