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Excerpts from reader commentary on News stories and staffers' online blog postings last week. Online comments come from registered users, but comments to the blogs can be posted under pen names.

Keith Olbermann: The talk-show host's abrupt exit from MSNBC prompted Barbara Lipa of Elma to write:

It will not be the end He makes great ratings and MSNBC may not have been the best place for him considering new owner Comcast was not supportive of MSNBC in their market areas like Arizona. This is probably better and soon there will be a new station somewhere.

Look forward to his program somewhere soon. Good luck, Mr. Olbermann. Mr. (House Speaker John) Boehner, where are the jobs?


Albany: In response to an article by News Albany bureau chief Tom Precious on a poll finding support for a state pay freeze but not school and Medicaid cuts, Bill Godzisz of Tonawanda wrote:

Death and taxes, we all know the rest. I agree that New York needs to lower taxes some, but some of this country's debt is due to the low taxes of our competing states. I bet that in five to 10 years these states will be forced to level the playing field with New York

What we need is an efficient government, NOT MINIMAL.


Buffalo Bills: News sports reporter Mark Gaughan's piece about Buffalo Bills General Manager Buddy Nix's search for "a franchise impact player -- regardless of the position -- with the third overall pick in the NFL draft," brought this response from J. Christopher Hagler of Amherst:

I would select either the DE from Clemson or the DE/DT from Alabama in round 1. After that LBs and OL through the rest of the draft. If Jake Locker slides to round two then take him then. This team better not select another DB in the first round and I don't care if Donte Whitner is leaving a void as the Bills have George Wilson as a more than capable starter.

Rich Rokosz of Sunny Isles Beach, Fla., added:

I hope the first (5) players the Bills draft are: (1) the best defensive lineman in the game followed by 4 of the top, biggest, strongest and fastest linebackers available. Must I emphasize that (a mean attitude) would also be good?


Editorial: In response to an opinion on the state budget battle and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo's role in taking on public unions and other challenges, not the least of which is Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, Warren Wilkes of Akron wrote:

Government is New York's No. 1 employer and New York State ranks No. 7 in public sector employment. That means 43 other states have figured out a way to do it more efficiently than us.

New York State ranks No. 1 in public sector compensation. That means 49 other states are more competitive than New York State.

New York State has the largest tax burden in the country. That means 49 other states are more competitive than us.

And all I hear is, "Don't change anything!"


Bill Godzisz of Tonawanda added:

Like they always say, "public employees are taxpayers too." It will take some time for these taxpayers to be replaced, if they don't just move out of the state. They also consume New York-sold goods and services that pay taxes and wages to taxpayers. Sounds to me that public employee cutbacks are just an equal trade-off if we're lucky, especially if you give tax breaks to the greedy private sector that mainly benefits the stockholder to create jobs that pay substantially less in wages generally, a.k.a. less tax revenue


Gusto: In response to an Associated Press article on the list of Oscar nominees, Ayah Setel of Buffalo chimed in:

I just assumed that "The Dark Knight" was nominated because it was a long, boring movie. "Inception" was all right, but it seemed to get away from the director in some scenes, and I think better directing would have made it a bit easier to follow. I'm not surprised at all that (director) Christopher Nolan wasn't nominated.

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