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It seems to us<br> On living to a fine old age and the needs of the 'New Buffalo'

AND PUSH UPS!: On your finger tips! Fitness expert Jack LaLanne was doing them up until days before his death this week at age 96. Americans who grew up in the 1950s and '60s may not have thought of him often over the years, but was a fixture in those black-and-white days of television. The lesson in his death is that, while it will come for us all, there are things we can do to forestall the moment. Ninety-six is not bad. Now: jumping jacks!


HERE WE GO AGAIN: So, New York City is getting more snow than it can handle, is it? So much so that the New York Times this week proclaimed the Big Apple to be the "New Buffalo." As most Western New Yorkers know, Buffalo doesn't even get the most snow in New York State, let alone elsewhere, but fine. We'll live with it. If New York really wants the title, though, it has some work to do. First up, it needs better wings. It's also going to want a second Statue of Liberty to match our pair. And, not to overwhelm the poor dears, high-quality restaurants that are also affordable.


HERE WE GO AGAIN (AGAIN): The New York State Senate is beginning its new session on an inauspicious, if familiar, note. Democrats, who lost their brief majority in November, are carping that Republicans are being mean to them by keeping them in the dark about office space and seating arrangements in the Senate chamber.

How are these people ever going to deal with serious issues if they can't resolve easy ones?

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