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A Virgin Courtroom Sketch Artist No Longer

Yesterday at around 11:15 a.m., my Art Director informed me that Judge Franczyk was not allowing News photographers into the courtroom for the "Mo" Hassan trial. And apparently "Mo" was testifying at that very moment, which would be the lead A1 story. So I agreed to lend my skills (first time as a courtroom artist).

The challenge was 2 fold: (1) I only had 15 minutes of actual time in the courtroom before they broke for lunch, and (2) I didn't have the proper art supplies for such a task. However, I realized 15 minutes is all you really need as a courtroom artist. It's just enough time to sketch a rough impression in pencil of the scene, and I am only allowed to draw the defendant, his attorney (a.k.a. himself), the prosecutor and the judge. The details and color I filled in from the office all before I finished Sunday's cartoon.

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