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How to make a Toasted Cheese Tomato Soup . . . Martini

So cocktails are hot again, and exotic cocktail fixings are even hotter. Makes sense that professional booze pushers would want to design signature cocktails.

If you're clever enough to concoct a drink that faithfully delivers a familiar taste sensation, with intoxicating liquor? So hot it makes the sun's surface seem like an ice fishing weekend.

At Clive's Classic Lounge, in Victoria, British Columbia, an Australian named Shawn Soole pours a drink he calls Cold Night In. It uses rum that's soaked through a buttery, cheesy toasted cheese sandwich, on thick sourdough bread, roasted cherry tomatoes, celery salt and a dash of smoky Glenfiddich whisky. He shared his recipe with T Magazine.

The temptation to drink yourself dinner must be awful.


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