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Trivia Quiz

1. What is the meaning of "pertinacious"?

2. The Pentagon Building outside Washington, D.C., was completed during what war?

3. What is a bicameral legislature?

4. The color of the loganberry is

5. Where was the first commercially productive oil well drilled, in 1859?

6. What is a Tiffany setting or mounting?

7. How many pairs of legs do crabs have?

8. Byron Nelson was a leading performer in what sport?

9. Acoustics is the science of

10. Who may be known as "Prince of the Apostles"?



1. Holding to a belief; unyielding or persistent.

2. World War II (1943).

3. One that has two chambers, such as Senate and House.

4. Dark red.

5. It was drilled near Titusville, Pa.

6. Named for jeweler Charles Tiffany, it's a raised setting in a ring, with a gem held in place by prongs.

7. Five pairs.

8. Golf.

9. Sound.

10. The pope.

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