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What the devil?

Ponder this next time you are stopped at one of those out-of-sync traffic lights on Washington Street: How interesting that the Catholic Charities office is in such close proximity to Club Diablo. They are maybe two doors apart, and "Diablo" meaning "devil," we got to thinking: Can the space between them be called Purgatory? Does Catholic Charities open up at 4:01 a.m. to collect all the sinners coming out of the club? Do the Guardian Angels and the Hell's Angels ever rumble in the alley? Might this call for an exorcism?


Hubba hubba

Hot Facebook topic this week: WGRZ's Kevin O'Neill reported that Playboy's February 2011 Playmate on the Month is from Buffalo, and she is only 19, which elicited a flurry of worry over whether that was too young (or, as most users put it, "to young"). Buzz was fascinated. There is still a Playmate of the Month? It sounds almost quaint. Two comments made us smile. "Is she ready to live with this label for the rest of her life?" one woman muses. A legitimate concern -- there's nothing like saying you were once a Playboy Playmate to make you sound ancient. But another gal, who wasn't bothered, typed in: "When ya got it... ya got it."


The deep freeze

Buzz loves the cold. We like the smoky smell in the air and we love running around dressed like a Russian grand duchess. It was fun, in front of the Erie County courthouse on a 6-degree day, to see a lawyerly type outside smoking, wearing only a suit. And women nonchalantly leaving the gym in shorts. Ha, ha! Buffalo! Best of all we love the lowering of the bar, the feeling that if you just make it through the day, you are accomplishing something. Sunday, Father Secondo Casarotto at St. Anthony's Church praised everyone simply for being there. "The weather is going crazy," he said in his Italian accent. "We do the best we can."


The buzz

The bad news: Trip's Dirtiest Hotels List is out, and one of them is the Rodeway Inn in Williamsville. The good news: There's no such thing as bad publicity: Click to find out what's wrong with the place, and the site invites: "Check rates and availability!" ... The Hyatt toasted piano man Jackie Jocko's birthday Saturday with a killer cake and a crowd that included such luminaries as drummer Joe Peters and filmmaker Joey Giambra. Quoth Jocko: "Love you madly, ay yi yi, 82, I can't believe it."



"Embrace the high society luxury just remember not to refer to your friends as 'the help.' "

-- The Village Spa, advertising Web deal

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