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TARP money backlash, landing a big lease, and more Niagara Falls airline service...

From Business Today:

When M&T Bank Corp. first agreed to take TARP money fromM&T bank  the federal government, it did so as a sign of support for the federal plan to rescue banks. The U.S. Treasury Department wanted healthy banks to accept money under the Troubled Asset Relief Program to remove the stigma of receiving federal aid. Now, as a result the healthy bank has had to alter its compensation program to adhere to the TARP rules. No more cash bonuses. The bank is now giving stock bonuses, something it has not done in the past. Regardless, the executives are still being handsomely rewarded for their efforts.

Uniland Development Co. has landed a huge federal lease in a new building on Airborne Parkway in Uniland300 Airborne Cheektowaga. A division of Homeland Security is paying $5.72 million for a long-term lease at the facility.

Spirit Airlines, the third carrier to find the value in using the Niagara Falls International Airport, starts service to Ft. Lauderdale on Friday. It joins Vision Airlines and Direct Air at the airport.

Northwest Bancshares reported healthy profits and announced it was closing its three branches in South Florida. Apparently it's too hard to compete down South when the corporate headquarters are so far away.

The Buffalo Niagara Partnership is studying the health of the downtown Buffalo office rental market and how companies can be helped in renting space.

Who says there are no jobs out there? Google announced it will hire 6,200 people this year. They're looking for the best computer engineers and sales people in the land. The company is not saying where the new jobs will be. 

Who is getting hired, promoted and honored around here?


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