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Ray Bentley

It won't come as any great surprise to hear that Ray Bentley has written a novel. Bentley was the most literate character on the Bills' Super Bowl teams. He wrote Darby The Dinosaur children's books back in his playing days. Bentley wrote columns for The News during the first Super Bowl. He hosts his own sports talk radio show in Grand Rapids, Mich. Bentley also does work for ESPN and the NFL Network.

"I actually have a 500-page novel," Bentley said. "It's all about football in Buffalo. That's the backdrop. It's the 2012 season. There's a Super Bowl. The Seneca Indians put up a new stadium in Buffalo. It's called the Wigwam." Bentley said he has a publisher and is polishing the book right now.

On Super Bowl XXV: "We didn't play our best. I blame it on our third-down defense (the Giants were 9-for-16 on third down). You look at all those situations we had and couldn't get them off the field. That's why they had such good rushing numbers. We had opportunities but didn't tackle.

"I never blamed Scott Norwood. I don't think most of the guys did. We knew that we had multiple opportunities to win that game. I tell you one thing. My most vivid memory is when Bruce (Smith) tackled (Jeff) Hostetler in the end zone. I should have had half a sack. I'll never forget watching Bruce's right hand slide down Hostetler's arm, and instead of continuing with the slide and knocking the ball out, he locked on his forearm. I was ready to pounce. I was going to score a touchdown in the Super Bowl and be immortalized. The blitz we ran was called 51 Bruce Double Darby, after me."

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