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Trivia Quiz

1. Name the only U.S. president who served on the Supreme Court.

2. How many quarts are in a bushel?

3. What youth organization was founded in England by Lord Baden-Powell?

4. One who is taciturn is

5. A male falcon is called a tercel. What is the name for a female falcon?

6. Are chopsticks held in one or both hands when eating?

7. The projecting part of string musical instruments such as a violin or guitar contains the finger board and the upper part of the strings and is known by what four-letter word beginning with "n"?

8. What world body of countries preceded the United Nations?

9. The outer portion of a tree trunk is the ______ wood. Fill in the blank.

10. What kind of birds might be referred to as "firebirds"?



1. William Howard Taft. He was president from 1909-13 and chief justice from 1921-30.

2. Thirty-two.

3. Boy Scouts.

4. Quiet and uncommunicative.

5. The female is simply "falcon."

6. One hand.

7. Neck.

8. League of Nations.

9. "Sap."

10. Those with brilliant coloring.

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