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Ben, a tooth fairy, was waiting patiently on line to see the fairy chief, when the tooth fairy in front of him turned and said, "Do you believe this line? I've got a thousand things to do before my next tooth exchange. I don't have time for this."

Ben said, "I'm eager to see the fairy chief, too. I've been so anxious lately, so worried, that I haven't been able to sleep, and it's affecting my work. A young man named Brent has been putting a tooth under his pillow for days, and I haven't had a chance to replace it with change."

The other tooth fairy said, "If people knew what we go through, they wouldn't be so eager to say we don't exist."

"You got that right," said another fairy and soon, the tooth fairies were so riled up, Ben became anxious that they'd do something rash. Eager to calm them down, he said, "How about we get something to drink? Let's go to the Filling Station."

And so the tooth fairies got sloshed, and another night went by without Brent getting his dime.

Remember: eager -- boy, oh boy, I can't wait for this!

anxious -- boy, oh boy, I'm really worried about this!



1. "I'm very (anxious/eager) to go fishing with Todd!" said Bernice, with gusto.

2. Monroe was (anxious/eager) when he knocked on Denise's door; he had a feeling this blind date wouldn't go well.

3. (Eager/Anxious) to make a good impression during her job interview, Cynthia smiled broadly at the personnel director.



1. Eager (Who wouldn't be? Todd has a wonderful line!)

2. Anxious (Calm down, Monroe. Denise is just a divorcee who watches soaps all day and only gets up for more fudge.)

3. Eager (Unfortunately, Cynthia had just had spinach for lunch, and the interview ended abruptly.)

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