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Private lots cashing in on Super Bowl parking ; Some spaces cost $990 to reserve

Sharon Smith took a lot of things into consideration when deciding what to charge for a parking spot near Cowboys Stadium on Super Bowl Sunday -- including the view.

With the big game just weeks away, Smith is advertising that dozens of her parking spaces on Stadium Drive, which are normally available for $20 or $30 during regular-season games and stadium events, can be reserved online by football fans for $125 each.

"We are closer to the stadium and we allow tailgating," said Smith, owner of Stadium Parking Llc. "They are kind of buying that view -- of seeing the stadium and taking part in that whole experience."

Dozens of Arlington businesses, offices and churches around the entertainment district are taking reservations online for their parking spaces, which are being advertised on websites like from $60.50 to $990.00, depending on how close they are to the stadium.

"The Super Bowl is the most hyped event in all the U.S.," ParkWhiz CEO Aashish Dalal said. "Customers are looking to be close to the game. Parking prices generally go up, just like ticket prices."

Some entrepreneurial lots are within a half-mile of Cowboys Stadium, putting football fans much closer than official NFL parking would. Because of heightened security, a few thousand of the parking spaces closest to the stadium will be closed off, and many are set aside for buses, limousines, public safety vehicles and the news media.

"With the security perimeter, it has essentially eliminated Cowboys Stadium parking lots, which has put the entrepreneurial lots in prime position to offer premium parking for Super Bowl patrons," Dalal said.

Parking spaces controlled by the NFL, which go for $71.40 online, are primarily at Six Flags Over Texas, about a mile east of the stadium, and come with free shuttle service.

As the day of the game approaches, some private lots' advertised rates have crept up.

Parking at directly across from the stadium jumped from $385 last month to $577.50, and at the nearby Best Cowboy Parking, it went from $331 to $500.50, according to ParkWhiz.

Dalal said entrepreneurial lot operators set their prices based on what they think they can get for their proximity and amenities.

Besides the great view and walking distance, Smith said fans who buy spaces in her lots will have security, access to restrooms and the ability to tailgate, something that will not be allowed in official NFL parking lots.

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