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Over the last week, the editorial board of The Buffalo News met with policy-makers and leaders and researched, analyzed and debated issues affecting this community. Here's a summary of the week's editorials, which can be read in full on our Web pages:

Sunday: The News' editorial looked at a proposal by Erie County Executive Chris Collins for reducing the costs of Medicaid, observing that while Collins' ideas may not be entirely on target, the discussion about Medicaid was a critical one that needed to begin somewhere. As the editorial concluded, "It's time for real reform."

Monday: On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the lead editorial noted the prescience of many of the slain civil rights leader's comments and observed that we can continue to learn from them. A second editorial praised the plan of the Buffalo Common Council to video stream all of its public meetings and called upon other local governments to follow its lead.

Tuesday: The day's lead editorial criticized the management style of Erie County Executive Chris Collins, who happily ignores the county charter and even a Supreme Court justice, to achieve his ends. A second editorial called on Congress, after the effort to repeal the 2010 health care reform law fails, to fix the law so that it attacks the severe problem of escalating costs.

Wednesday: This page praised the efforts of Howard B. Glaser, the new director of state operations, in coming up with a plan to prevent a recurrence of last month's snowstorm, in which hundreds of motorists were stranded, some for more than 14 hours. A second editorial criticized the state police for sneaking in large raises for top brass even as the state is struggling through a financial crisis. We expressed relief that Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo blocked the increases.

Thursday: We applauded House Republicans' moratorium on earmarks, but noted that many projects funded through the process -- including the Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus -- are hardly wasteful. We called on Congress to craft a system that separates worthy projects from "bridges to nowhere." A second editorial noted the passing of famed Buffalo photographer Milton Rogovin, observing that he "touched lives that he projected in scenes with poetry and grace."

Friday: We applauded the adoption of state math standards for kindergartners and even pre-K students, noting that studies have documented the critical need for an early start.

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