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Letters / Our readers speak out

Time for the Sabres to do some tweaking

We all like to play GM for a day when it comes to our local sports teams. As we start the second half of the NHL season, I can't have but one thought.

Our Sabres are in 10th place with the same players taking the ice every night. Let's make some moves and see if we can win without them.

Team captain Craig Rivet has been unceremoniously tossed to the curb and rightfully so. But here is a guy who continues to say the right things and be a team player.

What has Rob Niedermayer done for this organization to merit a spot in the lineup? In short, nothing. Give me Matt Ellis or Colin Stuart; both of whom have shown passion when given the opportunity to play.

We all love Mike Grier, but his time has passed. When Patrick Kaleta is healthy, Niedermayer goes and Luke Adam stays and we live with the mistakes. It's time for Darcy Regier and Lindy Ruff to let these guys grow up.

Let's see what we have before the trade deadline so we can decide to buy or sell and not have other GMs forcing our hand. We might lose more than we'll win, but we'll all enjoy a team that represents our city with its work ethic.

Patrick O'Hara



Writer off the mark on future voice of Sabres

I thoroughly disagree with the writer who commented about who he considered to be the perfect replacement for Rick Jeanneret when he retires. Mark Jeanneret does not generate the same enthusiasm that Rick does, or for that matter, Kevin Sylvester. It's obvious that Kevin's personality and enthusiasm are so much more professional and entertaining, whereas Mark's monotone delivery is both boring and frankly, bothersome and annoying.

Yes, Rick will be a hard act to follow, but in my opinion, Kevin would be the man for the job.

Rita Chapman



Jeanneret announcing legacy ends with Rick

In response to the letter writer lauding the "work" exhibited by Mark Jeanneret, permit me a response. Like pattern baldness, traits can skip a generation or two in the same family. Rick Jeanneret is a living legend. To consider his seat as his son's purely because of a legacy is a mistake.

If you like a monotone droid approach to announcing, well, he's your man. Kevin Sylvester has "earned" the job and his work recently is the obvious next step if, and when, Rick Jeanneret retires. I pray the hockey gods and the new regime will recognize this.

Leonard Jaworski



Suggestion: Make Sylvester road warrior

If I may make a suggestion, seeing that Rick Jeanneret doesn't like to travel for the away games, how would it be if Rick does the home games and Kevin Sylvester does the away games? I think Kevin does a good job and gets excited on the plays, and makes it interesting. No one does it better than Rick, but Kevin is pretty close.

Marie Crawford



Bills' draft-day struggles revisited

In a year in which an undrafted free agent running back leads the NFL in rushing with 1,616 yards, the three number one draft picks the Bills have used on running backs this decade totaled 1,236 combined this year. That includes the novelty back taken with the ninth overall pick, instead of defensive help so desperately needed.

It's tough to keep picking on the Bills drafting, but it's so easy. This scouting staff for the last decade must be direct descendants of General George Armstrong Custer's scouts at the Little Bighorn.

Mike Edington



One theory on why Luck stayed in school

The real reason Andrew Luck decided and announced he will finish school and get his degree is very simple. One night recently Andy had a very bad dream or a nightmare. He awoke suddenly with his heart beating very rapidly, sweating profusely and mumbling.

For some odd twist of luck or fate, the Buffalo Bills shocked the football world via trade and monetary exchange to move up to No. 1 in the NFL draft. Given no choice but to face reality, his gut feeling was to flee or fight. The rest is history.

Tony Hammill

West Seneca


Bills' QB of future is current free agent

The Buffalo Bills should pursue QB Vince Young now that he has been released from the Tennessee Titans.

His off the field issues are minor compared to Marshawn Lynch and can be remedied.

Vince Young is exactly what this team needs. A young, fast and elusive QB that would give a shot in the arm to our less than exciting offense and porous offensive line.

John Jendrysek

Orchard Park


Pro sports contracts are real-life fantasy

When is reality going to hit pro sports? Contracts should have clauses in them that cut their pay if they do not perform. Owners greed has made a joke of the system. A typical example is Shawne Merriman earning $1.7 million for doing nothing. Try not showing up at your job for a month and see what happens.

John Lutz

Orchard Park

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